Physiotherapy in mental health care: evidence and future directions


Op 25 november 2021 organiseert de onderzoeksgroep Aangepaste Bewegingsactiviteiten en Psychomotorische Revalidatie, FaBeR, KU Leuven:

Physiotherapy in mental health care: evidence and future directions (Met lezing van Dr. Brendon Stubbs)

The need for physiotherapists to help people with mental illness:
An evidence based overview and next steps

Interest in the role physiotherapists can have in the treatment of mental disorders is significantly growing.
In his lecture, Dr. Stubbs will present an overview of the evidence for physiotherapy in the treatment of
a wide range of mental disorders. He will also discuss how mental health care could embrace the added
value of physiotherapy within a multidisciplinary approach. Following the lecture, there is room to discuss
the ideas launched by Dr. Stubbs. This seminar will be of interest for physiotherapists, medical doctors,
psychiatrists, psychologists and for everyone who is interested in the mental health care of the future.
Dr. Brendon Stubbs research focuses on the relationship between lifestyle and mental health and
understanding the mind-body connection. Brendon has published over 650 academic papers across a
range of leading medical, neuroscience, mental health, nutrition and sports medicine journals. Brendon
is lead author of the European Psychiatric Association guidelines on the use of exercise for mental
health and senior author of the Lancet commission on improving the physical health of people with
mental illness. Brendon’s current posts include Head of Physiotherapy (South London and Maudsley
NHS Foundation trust) and a Senior Clinical Lecturer (Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and
Neuroscience (IoPPN)) at King’s College London. Brendon has worked in mental health services for
almost 20 years and continues to greatly cherish and learn from patients in his weekly physiotherapy
clinic in a secure forensic service.

Noteert u alvast de datum in uw agenda? De lezing gaat door van 19.30-21.30u te Leuven (GT Campus
Groep T, Andreas Vesaliustraat 13, 3000 Leuven; parkeermogelijkheid wordt voorzien), met aansluitend
een drankje. Weldra verschijnt er een link op de website van Life Long Learning FaBeR
(, waar u zich kan registreren / inschrijven.
Accreditatie voor kinesitherapeuten wordt aangevraagd.
Studenten en stagebegeleiders van studenten revalidatie in de GGZ / PMT: gratis
Leden van de VVPMT, ABCIG geestelijke gezondheid en psychomotorische kinesitherapie, personeel
KU Leuven en UPC KU Leuven: 20 euro
Andere geïnteresseerde collega’s: 50 euro

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