The “International Conference of Physical therapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health” (IC-PPMH) is the official conference website of the “International Organisation of Physical Therapists in Mental Health” (IOPTMH), a recognized subgroup of the WCPT.


The purpose of these conferences is to stimulate a dialogue between colleagues, to promote the exchange of experiences and new ideas, to start a global network around a scientific and evidence-based practice in this field and to make an inventory of the possibilities for physiotherapy in mental health.

The IOPTMH wants to bring -with this initiative- the contribution of physical therapists in mental health into the spotlight. It is important for society, for the client, for the physiotherapy profession as well as the relationship with other professionals to create and strengthen a culture of physiotherapy in mental health.

The conferences provide a forum for physiotherapists to meet and share knowledge about education, research, clinical practice, role and organisation and to discuss important professional issues within the field of Physiotherapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health.

In cooperation with Year
Leuven, Belgium
KU Leuven, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Bergen, Norway
Bergen University College
Lund, Sweden
Lund University
Edinburgh, UK
NHS Lothian
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Hogeschool Utrecht, specialisatie psychosomatische fysiotherapie
Madrid, Spain
Carlos III University 2016

The conference appeals to physiotherapists and professionals who work in psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry and mental health. Therapists who would like to learn more about or/and present the latest developments of physiotherapy in the field, are welcome. Applicants with interest in the field of psychiatry, meeting persons suffering from psychosomatic disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, dissociate disorders, eating disorders, lifestyle-problems, traumatic stress disorders, complex long-lasting chronic pain etc., are welcome to the Conferences.

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